Re: [CR] What are the shortest reach front brakes?

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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:10:47 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] What are the shortest reach front brakes?

The shortest reach brake caliper I know of is the (perhaps off topic?) Dia Compe Aero Gran Compe brakes. Super-short reach, and would probably work great for a track bike, but the only problem is I believe they use a proprietary brake pad. An ebay seller has a NOS set for sale here:<blah>

Most modern calipers have a reach of 39-49mm. You could perhaps use any modern dual pivot caliper if you bike accepts recessed brake bolts.

This raises a question for me: At what point were "normal" reach brake calipers of 47-57mm replaced by the "short reach" 39-49mm?

Kirke Campbell, who went on a nice ride this morning on my track bike in very foggy Houston, Tx USA

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Esteemed listmembers,

  Need a front brake for a track bike. Universal 68 front is too long. I am pulling my hair out for a solution. From the center of the fork hole to the bottom of the braking surface on the rim is about 43mm. What are my choices. Help Please!!!

   Thank You!
   Jim Spracher
    Waynesboro, Va