Re: [CR] Parisian cyclocross footage from 1945

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Subject: Re: [CR] Parisian cyclocross footage from 1945

Jerry Moos said amongst other things:

"In general, the French attitude to Nazi persecution of Jews, if not one of open resistance, seems at least to have been one of noncooperation."

Firstly although the bulk of his post was on topic, trying to summarize/analyze history in one or two sentences is something not easily done and also probably not advisable in this forum. In any case here is a link to a short article from Time that speaks to the topic of jews in France during WWII:,8599,1880118,00.html

On July 15-16, 1942 the arrests of 13,000 Jews by French police is known as the "Vel d'Hiv roundup" - after the name of the winter cycling stadium in Paris the deportees were held in. 75,000 deported and killed doesn't sound like noncooperation to me.

My apologies but I felt compelled to respond.

Len Diamond
Ridgewood, New Jersey USA