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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:35:12 -0500
From: "Harvey Sachs" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Swedish Avanti

In 1963, just before Martin Luther King's great rally and speech, my first "10-speed" was stolen, in Washington (DC). It was a Sears, campy equipped, my pride & joy. To replace it, I splurged on my first real road bike, sew-ups and all. It was an Avanti, as Larry describes (below), and I've never seen another. I traded mine in Houston for chromed Paramount a few years later. So, I'd also like to learn more.

But, there are some good stories. (1) Why did I buy this bike instead of the Gitane Tour de France that Mel Pinto wanted to sell me? Naivity was one reason, the derailleurs were a second one (had Campy Record rear, and she threw in a record front when it became available), AND it came with a kick stand; the Gitane didn't. That lasted a couple of days. (2) why did I fall the first morning I rode it to work? No one had told me that the tires needed to be glued on before riding. Ever roll two tires on the same turn? (3) Why did I fall twice more, within blocks, a few days later? First ride with cleats, in Friday rush hour traffic, and forgot to loosen the strap at two consecutive traffic lights. Just fell right on over, both times.

I'd give my eye teeth to have the Avanti back, round blades and all. Titan bar & stem, but can't remember what brakes she wore.

harvey sachs mcLean va

Larry Myers wrote: Just acquired a beautiful early-60's Swedish-built 'Avanti' road frameset, and can find almost no information relating to this marque....all French-threaded, 22.0mm steerer tube, Nervex pro lugs, all '531',w/ a gorgeous double-plate crown and 22mm round fork blades. Here's the odd part- the frame tubes are not Metric diameter (27.0 seatpost, frame decal is in English, tube diameters are all non-Metric) despite the otherwise all-French design dynamic; originally Campy GS/Record equipped, w/ cottered cranks & Weinmann '999' c-pulls, domed steel seat post, etc.?

If anybody in list-land can provide any data about these bikes, I would be very appreciative.<snip>