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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:05:57 -0500
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1. There may be more ebay stores in Europe selling the shoes you want. They'll be new old stock. Be sure your setting for ebay are permitting those stores and their inventory to shop up in your search.

2. Certainly go to, for listings there. And other countries, if you think you can navigate in the language. If you'll take the post office risk from the seller, you'll find transatlantic shipping charges not to be so high.

3. Maybe some members here would post the names of mfgs and brands of touring shoes, so if you weren't around then, or the seller doesn't call them "touring shoes", you'll be still be able to spot them in listings.

4. Jerry Moos is quite right that some shoes that take recessed cleats are more flexible than others and resemble, aesthetically, old-skool touring shoes.

5. Consider shoes from other sports, including climbing and bowling.

6. On the role of cleats in improving your stroke or spin: I recall a report that a measurable difference at the pedal of professional cyclists and the rest of us is not only that they powerfully lift their pedals, but that they unload them all the time. My understanding of rollers is that they were about spinning and training for stroke smoothness, which comes from being able to pedal at cadences, whether or not you are most often at those levels.

Harry Travis Washington, DC USA

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 10:24 AM, Ken Sanford <> wrote:
> Kirke
> many riders use clipless on older bikes for convenience. Not sure clipless
> pedals do all that much for technique. The best simple way to improve
> technique, IMHO, is to ride a fixed gear bike.
> Going out on my fixed gear in a few minutes!
> Ken Sanford in a rather warm (mix-60's F.) Kensington, MD
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> Hey list! (sorry if this went through twice, I dont know if the email
>> cleared the first time!)
>> I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that still makes non-clipless
>> cycling-specific shoes in the style of old Avocet touring shoes? Things like
>> this show up on ebay occasionally, but they are rarely in my size and I dont
>> really want to buy used shoes.
>> If you have any tips please share!
>> Also, I currently have clips and straps on all my bikes and (believe it or
>> not) have never used a clipless system! Now, everyone likes to tell me that
>> going clipless is the best way to improve your pedaling. I was wondering if
>> anyone has decided to use clipless pedals on their otherwise "period
>> correct," on-topic bikes for the sake of improving technique and efficiency?
>> Kirke Campbell
>> Houston, Tx USA