Re: [CR] modern TA pedal thread problems - any history?

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 15:21:05 -0500
From: "George Allen" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] modern TA pedal thread problems - any history?


Good, I'm not going crazy. I, too, recently had the exact same problem. The box of the modern TA pedals are clearly marked 9/16-20 but they will not thread into my TA cranks which I were sure were 9/16-20 as well. I don't have any French threaded cranks so I couldn't check them as you did. I guess I should try to install some Campy pedals into the TA cranks to insure I have 9/16-20 threads in the cranks. Also, the cartridge bearings in both pedals were bad right out of the box. So I had to order some new ones to replace the originals. And the casting quality and finish on the bodies is horrible. There are actually voids in the casting where the cages are attached. I had read and heard that TA pedals were some of the best ever made. Unfortunately, my experience speaks otherwise. Perhaps the quality problems are unique to the modern versions but I won't be paying big bucks for an old pair to find out.

George Allen Lexington, KY USA

dan polito wrote:
>List -
>I apologize if this is OT, but due to the classic content of TA as a
>company, I felt it was appropriate.
>I recently purchased a brand new set of contemporary TA piste pedals
>direct from the importer. The box and bag are marked 9/16 x 20,
>standard BSC threads. When trying to install these pedals into marked
>BSC cranks, I am having some difficulties.
>I attempted to install the pedals onto the following arms, all marked
>BSC: NOS Mavic 631 cranks, used sugino super comp, used campagnolo
>super record, new dura-ace pista. I retapped the suginos for fresh
>threads, and still no luck.
>I then attempted to install the pedals onto the two french-threaded
>cranksets I had lying around the shop, a TA pro 5 vis and a
>stronglight competition steel cotterless. these would also not thread
>I have installed many pedals, both new and used, to many cranks, both
>new and used. I have never had this problem before.
>Has anyone else had any similar problems with these pedals?

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