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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 07:24:51 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Track bike set up

Marcus wrote.......
> I'm no frame designer, but smaller frames definitely run into the overlap
> problem more easily and the ways around it are compromises. More fork
> offset ("rake"), slacker head tube angles, longer front center with the
> necessary steep seat tube to keep reach within reason. I'm sure there are
> some more that I've missed.
> To me the most obvious solution and it seems the most often avoided is to
> use smaller wheels such as 650c or perhaps even 24" for smaller racing
> frames.
> Marcus Coles
> London, Ontario, Canada
> It always ammuses me how many riders seem to be absolutely 'terrified' of toe overlap! does appear to me that women have more of a issue than men, but I'd have thought that if you are aware that your foot will touch under extreme cornering, ie turning in the road, you simply have your pedal in the correct position so as to avoid contact, even on a track bike on fixed. Most of my bikes, certainly track bikes, have always had toe overlap and I can't recall ever having a misshap.

As a builder I've seen many riders positions been compromised as a result of avoiding toe overlap, usually as Marcus points out on a smaller frames, which typically involved having a longer top tube than ideal, slacker head angle and fork rake, steeper seat angle what should have been a 'lively' race frame, be it road or track, turns into more of a touring frame, just because of the remote chance that the riders foot will touch the wheel!

Having said that, I think the extreme short wheelbases of the 70s went a bit too far, I had a mate [a fellow framebuilder at Bob Jacksons] whose pedal touched his front wheel!.........he wanted it to be tighter than Alf Engers bike, and it was, though it never went as fast!!!

Cheers....Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK