Re: [CR] Campagnolo track axles

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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 21:14:44 -0400
From: "coel canth" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Campagnolo track axles


wheels mfg. currently makes high quality chro-moly replacement axles for campy hubs; hollow and solid ones up to 174mm.. you could get ones of those, cut it, and spare your original campy one the knife they are obtainable from loose screws -->

or your local shop could order them direct or through QBP..

one caveat: they are not slotted, so if you want to use the original keyed washers you will have to cut your own slots...

by the way, another problem i've run into with narrow campy hubs (like double sided hubs for 110 OLD) ..the longer campy axles are not threaded completely, andd the cones will not have enough space to thread on and engage the bearings.. i'm pretty sure the Wheels MFG axles i've had are threaded further up the axle and could avoid this trouble

ANDREI padlowski ny, ny
>>I have a older Campagnolo track hub (40 hole, double fixed) suitable for use on rear of bike with 110 mm spacing. Don't have a solid track axle of suitable length.

Did Campagnolo make track axles of circa 147 mm overall length? Does anyone have one they can spare?

I do have a later solid Campy axle that is circa 157 mm long with the nice chromed ends. Should I cut that down or just let the bolt stick out more on each end?

Ken Sanford
Kensington, MD