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Ditto on Jerry's observation.

I received a set of original 5-speed Sansin hubs mated to polished Super Champion model 58 rims (32 + 40 spoke holes!) on an Off Topic (1986) Schwinn Voyageur - a full Touring bike I had picked up last year. I was quite amazed how smooth they still were. Turns out my set has simple cartridge bearings in a size which is still easily available from Phil Wood etc. should replacement ever be needed. Very impressed with the quality and finish... and of course they were still NON-anodized (which I always love).

see photos here:

Guess the often overlooked hubs have been around for quite a long time so some would certainly still fall into the pre-1983 CR ballpark. The early models at least seem to be another little secret which fell below the radar when I was setting up bikes decades ago. The Suntour derailleurs and ratchet shifters of the era were of course the other seldom considered bits from Japan which quickly come to mind as bits which helped to overturn the European dominance of the higher quality component scene.

Jerry Moos Wrote:

Yes, Sanshin/Sunshine ProAm were the top of the line, I believe essentially the same hub as Suntour Superbe, which were made by Sanshin. IMHO every bit as good as DuraAce or Campy NR. The 33 year old pair on my Romic tourer are still smooth as silk.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA


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