[CR] Early Italian Masi 3V Frameset For Sale- SWEET!!!

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Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:01:55 -0500
From: <bikenut@verizon.net>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Early Italian Masi 3V Frameset For Sale- SWEET!!!


I have a white Masi 3V that needs to find a new home. I am reluctantly

selling it as it is a sweet ride and has been thoroughly enjoyed but my

garage 'overflow-ith'. I'm not an expert on 3V's nor do I play one on TV

so here is what I know. It's an early/rare Italian 3V with a BB stamp of

8-84. Bob Hovey was able to filter some pics I sent to read it because

the stamp is faint and the paint mostly covers it (Thanks again Bob!!)

This would make it a very early frame with possibly french Excel tubing

used in the beginning?? The early frames, I am told had paint issues

and many were repainted as this one has been....but with the later

decal set. The paint is very nice overall. There are several touchups

done before my ownership notably on the rear d/o area, under the inside

of the seat cluster and where the front brake caliper often rubs the dt

on the right side. Not perfect but quite beautiful when built up. It's hard

to let this one go.....many CR folk from the East Coast have ridden it as

a loaner for West coast vintage events. Anyway, here is the SKINNY....

Top Tube 57 cm CTC

Seat Tube 57 CM ctc/59 cm ctt (measured to the tip Masi style)

Rear spacing is 126mm

BB is stamped '59' and '8-84'

Campagnolo Drop Outs...rears have chromed faces.

Braze on front derailleur

Includes Specialized Headset


I bought this frame from a gent in UTAH several years ago...he did the

paint touch-ups...I built it up and rode it. It is light and very responsive.

I would like $695 for it. Shipping at cost likely in the $40 range. Local

pick-up at the farwest Milano CC club house with cash in Long Beach,

CA and I throw in some NOS/NIB Campagnolo Toe Clips. I will happily

ship to Canada and Intl. Europe and Japan figure around $100. Australia

can be very costly....just sayin~ Paypal/Bank Check/USPS MO/CASH

Best Wishes,

Matt Gorski


Belmont Shore, CA

United States of America