Re: [CR] "EDA" bottom bracket?

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<< EDA made bottom bracket shells. However, I have not yet found out what the the letters stand for.  >>

Could it be an arrangement of the letters making up "Établissement Ai me DuBois"? Makers of Nervex lugs...

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Hi Ed, 

I did some searching last night and found out that EDA made bottom bracket


However, I have not yet found out what the the letters stand for. 

I keep looking.... 

All the best,   

Peter Rogers 

Barrie, OntarioÂ

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>I have a Mercier 300 (early seventies?) that has "EDA" (in an oval) stamp ed 
> on 
> the top of the bottom bracket shell, just behind the chainrings. A sear ch 
> of the archives indicates that this has come up before. Th is 
> has been commented on as occurring on the following bikes: 
> An unknown French frame, a Jacques Anquetil, a Raleigh Int'l, and a
> Raleigh 
> Pro. 
> Also, on the CR Site, I spotted the logo on the underside of the bot tom 
> bracket shell on a fifties Louison Bobet (which has the same headbadge  
> sillhouette as Mercier). This EDA logo is slightly different from the one
> on my 
> Mercier: 
> m 
> I am also curious as to what this stands for. 
> Ed Arends (Long Beach, California - but usually in Hudson, Wisconsin)Â

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>> My just received 1970 (serial E8325) Raleigh Professional ("the white  
>> one") frameset has what appears to be "EDA" stamped in an oval on 
>> driveside top of the bottom bracket shell. Does anyone know what this  
>> stands for? It's a very similar stamping to the more familiar BGF bb.  
>> Also, this and other Professionals has what is referred to as "Latin
>> Line" 
>> lugs. Were these a house Raleigh lug or possibly Brampton or PrugnatÂ

>> (which they resemble)? 
>> Peter Kohler 
>> Washington DC USA 
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