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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:13:38 -0400
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Todd- "Relaxed" is a term with reference to the current time. Today's "relaxed" dimensions were yesterday's "racy".

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> Subject: [CR] Geometry
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> I have 2 separate questions but am submitting them together
> 1. What is meant by the term "relaxed geometry" used in many
> manufacturers descriptions. I'm sure it refers to angles and maybe
> wheelbase, but can you tell me what range is considered "relaxed" and
> what is considered "unrelaxed".
> 2. A few weeks back one of our list member sent pics of a bike he built
> and brazed while attending class in Oregon. I would like to learn lugged
> frame construction and build one for myself someday, but probably can't
> leave my life for 2 weeks to go there and learn. What would be the best
> way for me to proceed?