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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:33:39 -0500
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If Bruce Gordon cannot be called a "Constructeur", who can? He is really in a separate category, a Super Constructeur. His work is beyond outstanding, it is amazing. Hmm...Beyond-Outstanding-Amazing. That's it! He's a BOA Constructeur! While the French have apparently put their brazing torches to the cooking of omelets, a new breed of Constructeur thrives in the steaming jungles of the New World.

A little puckish humor, no offense intended.

John Hurley CR List Contributeur Austin, Texas, USA

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At 4:06 PM -0500 4/15/09, John Hurley wrote:
>Idle question: They built their own luggage racks and handlebar stems,
>did those obsessive constructeurs build their own signature handmade,
>color coordinated frame pumps too?
>John Hurley
>Austin, Texas, USA

Wow - I have made Frames (Lugged, TIGed, Titanium & Fillet Brazed), Lugs, Dropouts, Stems, Cantilever Brakes, Racks (Steel and Titanium) Pumps, Toe Clips, Lights, Panniers, Handlebars, Seatposts, Baskets, Fenders, Tires, cable connectors, and Furniture. Does that make me a "Constructeur"????? I've always wanted to be "French" but don't speak the language, barely speak English. Regards, Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon Cycles