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I am not French but I did live in Western Canada for 6 years and heard the term "frog" on several occasions. Like many slang words it isn't always meant to be pleasing. Sometimes people just throw out a word during?a conversation but?they have no ill feelings meant buy saying the word. ?During one very cold winter while I was living in Calgary -Alberta in Canada the eastern Provence of Quebec needed oil and the leading political figure of Alberta said "let the eastern bastards freeze"...... Every nationality has nicknames -we learn to get over it.. We should not get bent out of shape if someone uses those names. Be more mature than he other guy.

Gary Smith Getting ready for 4 days of riding and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Raleigh NC

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Hi all. I don't want to stir up any controversy, but i am i the only one who finds "frog" objectionable? The French may?have contributed virtually nothing to rock and roll but pretty much everything essential to bikes originated there. They deserve a bit more respect. Billy [i'd rather be lost stumbling drunk in Paris than doing anything else anywhere else] Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.