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Now you've gone and offended us Limeys: the derailleur - England 1896; the pneumatic tyre - invented in England in 1845, but thank John Boyd Dunlop for commercial development late 1880s; butted tubing - England 1897; 531 tubing (as used by French builders for top of the range machines) - England 1935; caliper brake - England 1876; internal hub gearing - England 1896; chain - England 1880; wire-spoked wheel - England 1870.

As for the rest of Europe: ball bearings - Germany 1872; seamless tubing - Germany 1886; freewheel - Germany 1898: quick release hubs - Italy (Campagnolo).

So what is it that's pretty much essential to bikes which originated there? :-)

Neil Foddering Weymouth, Dorset, England

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> Hi all. I don't want to stir up any controversy, but i am i the only one who finds "frog" objectionable? The French may have contributed virtually nothing to rock and roll but pretty much everything essential to bikes originated there. They deserve a bit more respect. Billy [i'd rather be lost stumbling drunk in Paris than doing anything else anywhere else] Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.