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> I have a Campagnolo headset that dates from 1974 with a < C > stamped on
> it.
> What does this stand for? And would a 1974 headset be a "Record"?
> TIA,

I have been wondering about this mystery too. According to mine and another C-R member we thought the earlier (say mid 1960's) head set had those, but not necessarily true.

We see these; <c> on Steel (Bronze) rear Record derailluer 1968-1969 before alloy N.R's.

Not steel cage pedal but some on black anodized pedals (came on Raleigh Pro.'s that we thought stands for CARLTON "C", around 1970, but not true.

Many chain rings for N.R. 144 BCD have this <c> also, but no certain pattern nor explanation.

It is one of many Campagnolo collector's mysteries..,,,,


KEN TODA, High Point, NC, wet, raining!

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