Re: [CR] Why stop water bottle in front of handlebars?

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 12:09:55 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR] Why stop water bottle in front of handlebars?

Steering and water. One thing I've been doing for years is putting my thumb against the stem with my hand on bars close to the center. This trangulation seems to neutralize the veering effect when you wish to turn around. You may veer slightly and sometimes not at all depending on your balance and flexibility. Works for me, try it and let all of us know how it works for you. On the double bottles on bars, the old time guys of nostalgic bygone eras had entirely different bike designs on wheelbases, fork rakes, head angles. The old roads precluded the high speeds of today, and I think those old bikes weren't as affected by the weight over the front end as today's. Going down a mountain today at over 100KPH and having that weight swing around with the quick steering machines is scary to think about. I suspect that the bottles went onto the frame to be more solid and lower the center of gravity and therefore bike handling. Let your mind's imaging function and compare the old conditions versus today's and it seems like all the factors sort of evolved and changed as the situations changed. Back in '56 I was riding in the Tour du St. Laurent in Canada and coming down a small hill into one of those towns in Quebec like Granby or Thetford Mines. At the bottom, a bridge over a river and tracks and rough road was so kaboom that my double bottle cage with bottles launched itself into space. I didn't spilll and none of the other riders either, but I did a quick doubletake and recovery, along with some epithets. Rode the rest of race with bottles in jersey and single frame cage. Not as convenient but safer. That's why the heavy duty TA's were so popular. Now for the real look we need a cycling cap, no helmet, goggles above cap visor. Then the bar cage and bottle(s) but not the spray cap. Way too late. String attached to cork, or hose(s) thru cork to allow sipping without removal. Frame pump or CO2 inflator under down tube or in back of seat tube. Oh yeah, front pocket jersey and spare tire around shoulders as well as
another under the saddle.
Allez, Allez!
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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Subject: [CR] Why stop water bottle in front of handlebars?

> Looking through some older photos....that looks pretty convenient. Is it
> really better on the downtube?
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