[CR] Reynolds history

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From: "Peter Brown" <peterg.brown@ntlworld.com>
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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 06:51:42 +0100
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Subject: [CR] Reynolds history

Bob Freitas wrote:

Didn't Reynolds originate as an Aircraft Tubing? I think it dates to fabric covered Wings etc which has got to be before 1930.

When we were selling Reynolds in the 70s I remember they said it was still being used in the frames of airplane seats

See http://www.reynoldstechnology.biz/downloads/RTL-Timeline.pdf . All will be revealed. Although this timeline states that Reynolds was first used in aircraft in WW2 my friend who works for a company which restores old aircraft tells me that it was used in airframes long before that. They now use a product called 4130 N where a replacement is required, and I believe that is of US manufacture.

Peter Brown, Lincolnshire, England