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Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 23:37:20 -0700
From: "Thomas" <thomas@kokoPedli.com>
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Subject: [CR] one Zeus crank info. ...

> Subject: [CR] Sensible Drillium, now Zeus Cranks
> As I noted in an earlier post, Zeus crank arms were milled all the way through up to about 1977 (date code "g" or "h")? Some riders felt the cranks were flexing too much. After this time, the milling did not go all the way through but stopped short. The cranks were made wider and flatter in about 1980 or '81 (date code "j" or "k")??. I am attempting to compile a dating system for Zeus cranks based on the date codes (small case letters) stamped on the inside of the crank arms... Any data would be much appreciated.

Jeff, I have a 177.5mm zeus crank that I got in about 80 or 81... it is not milled through, it has a small letter "h" on it and is milled about 15% of the way through in an oval that is about half as wide as the crank arm (I hope that makes sense to you).
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