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The following link will nail down the answer ...

On the site, check out the "about us/did you know?" drop down. In addition to a crisp timeline you will find a facsimile of the original tubing patent (No 24,931) dating to A.D. 1897 and the following:

Reynolds started out as the "The Patent Butted Tube Company Ltd." in 1898, based in Birmingham, England, based on a patent 24931 filed by AM Reynolds and JT Hewitt on 27th October 1897. That butting process, which reduced weight while maintaining strength in key areas, is still used by a number of companies worldwide today.

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I may be crazy but I believe I remember a story that Reynolds actually started some time around the turn of the century. One of their first products was nails if memory serves me correctly. Does this ring a bell with anyone else?

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On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 7:52 PM, Bob Freitas <> wrote:
> Didnt Reynolds originate as an Aircraft Tubing? I think it
> dates to fabric covered Wings etc which has got to be before 1930.
> When we were selling Reynolds in the 70s I remember they said it was
> still being used in the frames of airplane seats
> Jeeze, why do I still remember this stuff when I cant remember
> where I put my car keys 2 hours ago?