Re: [CR] What are you bringing to Cirque?

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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 23:10:48 -0400
From: "G L Romeu" <>
To: Tom Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] What are you bringing to Cirque?

Tom, I have no idea of what bike(s) Rita and I are bringing. this will be probably a last minute decision. I am working on a painting/carving/photo project depicting the 2 classic images of the Coppi Bartali water bottle pass that should be ready for auction, as well as a Raleigh competition frame, a couple of pairs of falsettos, and i am working on clearing out some interesting but odd stuff i may have around. I have been a fan of the auction, and i hope that this may be as fun as the past couple i attended.

gabriel romeu chesterfield new jersey usa

Tom Sanders wrote:
> I have some space issues this year and may not bring a bike at all, but I
> have some killer stuff for my Vendor's table. Big bunch of X-L Jerseys, my
> stash of brake hoods (three Gallon zip lock bags worth), My stash of extra
> saddles and some of the most beautiful wheels I've ever had. Tons of tiny
> Campy parts, too!
> For the auction I have a great Tour of Russia jersey I am donating. This
> reminds me, things shipped to Wayne for the auction have to get there very
> soon now. Time to go through your parts bins if you haven't already done
> so. Waiting until the last minute makes it very difficult to get everything
> set up and into the auction.
> If I do bring a bike, it will be my Kvale fixed gear.
> The 50/50 auction tickets will be available at registration this year , as
> well as during the auction, so that we can get that done earlier in the
> evening during the auction than in the past.
> Sure looking forward to seeing everyone.
> Until then,
> Tom Sanders
> Lansing, MI USA

G L Romeu