Re: [CR] Was: Leather saddle dunking - Now: New Unicanitor

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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 20:26:24 -0700
From: "Steve Whitting" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Was: Leather saddle dunking - Now: New Unicanitor

Ah, the memories!

One of the reasons I abandoned my "form-fitting" Brooks Pro was because my good friend and cycling mentor, Mark Widder (Head Mechanic at the Highroller Cyclery, founder of the Razorback Racing Team and USCF District Rep) had retrofitted his beautiful ~ 1972 all-chrome "Mondia Special" with Campy NR brakes (it came with Weinmann center-pulls) and a Unicanitor saddle (it came with a Brooks Pro).  I (reluctantly) abandoned my Brooks for a Profil, then a Sella Italia Turbo . . .

I sold my old Brooks, still mounted on its sturdy Campy NR seatpost, with my AD Reynolds 531 "Superleicht" frame around 1986 - just because I wanted an Italian saddle on my Ciocc.  I eventually got used to my Turbo saddle, but it never was as comfortable as my Brooks - especially on a double-metric century!

The last time I saw Mark's Mondia, his Unicanitor had weathered to an almost "olive drab" color.

Steve Whitting
Prairieville, Louisiana USA

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From: Ben Kamenjas <> Subject: [CR] Was: Leather saddle dunking - Now: New Unicanitor To: Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009, 9:39 PM

Nels Cone (aka Emilio Bozzi) wrote:
> (snipped)
> Unica Saddle rider since 1973 and I haven't looked back, (thats a long freakin time).

I see on the Cinelli site that they have reintroduced the Unicanitor ( thanks to Fixie fashion no doubt  :)  )    (not sure if the link will work)

and the Cinelli blurb ....

"   ...    The first saddle with a plastic shell in the history of cycling. The legendary Unicanitor is back and improved with the satin steel rail and the ultimate calibrated techno polymer base. The dimensions are identical to the ones of the most famous model ... "

Of course they had to go garish with the new logo :( ... but, it was a nice surprise to see them making a classic again.


Ben "ultimate calibrated techno polymer base" Kamenjas Kensington, Australia