Re: [CR] possible Nishiki ONP on Ebay

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From: "Emilio Bozzi" <>
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Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 21:11:13 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] possible Nishiki ONP on Ebay


this is an interesting frame. Nishiki occupies a special place in my heart since i have had a few, including an ONP model and one that was apparently make by Colnago. Nishiki--although I think strictly an American import line, similar to Azuki, had a couple very nice efforts and the lugs on this one definitely look Nishiki ONP. However those rear drop outs.....????? Those look like early 1990s models or even the type found on cyclo-cross frames from the 80s. The BB shell is very interesting as well. If this is an ONP, it deserves a better fate than that rattle-can paint job this frame has. The 26.8 seatpost diameter....??? If I remember correctly what was very very cool about the ONP model was the tube butting. The one I had, had a decal on it that read something like 0.7/0.5/0.7 which I was under the impression was gauge in mm thickness.

Does that jive with anybody else's recall? Nels Cone Seattle WA
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> Subject: [CR] possible Nishiki ONP on Ebay
> Looks like a Nishiki ONP to me