Re: [CR] Roll call Brooklyn Bike Jumble

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From: Daniel Gonzalez <>
To: <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 15:34:12 +0800
Subject: Re: [CR] Roll call Brooklyn Bike Jumble

I'll be there and I'll be bringing a well thought out stash. If there are any particular wants among the list members, now's the time to speak up but please, keep the requests to smaller items as I'm subwaying it (Ironically).

Things I'm bringing:

Suntour Superbe track pedals, 99% perfect and polished to a mirror. Silver cages! Shimano 600 aero seatpost 27.2, mirrored Campagnolo SR seatpost, 80's, mirrored, fluted 27.2 Campagnolo stainless seat post, mirrored, 26.8 Suntour Superbe V2 RD, mirrored CLB long reach, nutted brakeset, NOS, full kit, levers, hoods, et al. NIB, complete Campagnolo Croce Delta brakes (off topic) Shimano DA NJS Track headset, English, NIB

Have *tons* more. Tell me what you're wanting and I'll bring it. Rims, brakes, RD's, FD's, Wheels....

Danny Gonzalez NY NY USA

Have to

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