Re: [CR] Tubulars v Clinchers.....there's more to it

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Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 15:08:18 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Tubulars v Clinchers.....there's more to it


You put it very well. I understand. Maybe I have just been spoiled, I even have a set clincher on a more modern bike, but I still feel the significant difference with the riding I do. Mostly 16 to 35 mile jaunts. Best Regards- Nels Cone Seattle WA

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When I started riding serious bikes in the late 70s, I used clincher wheels and clincher tires. Both, as I remember it, were awful. When I started racing in 79, I had some tubular wheels built of course, and used the clinchers for training runs. That didnt really go well, compared to the race wheels, so I had another pair of tubular wheels made, for training. So I had a lot of punctures (training in bad weather), and changed to clinchers again ... Somewhere in the early or mid-80s the first decent clinchers came out, the Michelin Elan I think they were called. I raced them too, not bad, but a far cry from my Vittoria tubulars. So now, 20, 25 years later, I ride clinchers exclusively, several wheelsets have Veloflex Black tires. Very nice indeed, very quick feeling at the right pressure.

I believe that a main reason for the difference in feel, even with a really good clincher tire like the Veloflex, is the rim: a tubular rim is probably a bit more flexible (lower profile, different section) than the common mid to high profile clincher rim. On one wheelset I have the slimmest clincher rims available (Ambrosio Excellight), 32 spokes (3-cross), DT Revolution spokes (very light), and that comes a bit closer to the old feel of a well built tubular wheel with a quality tubular. But its not there, and will never be.

Dont mean to say tubulars are better though, just different. However in my more sentimental moments I really miss those 32 spoke GP4's with the Vittoria Servizio Corsa's .....

Freek 'sentimental' Faro
Rotterdam Netherlands