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Subject: Re: [CR] Seized Post, Parts - Coca-cola and other fluids ?

I brought home a Trek 770 F/F from the Tucson Swap, and both seat post and stem were stuck tight. I read every post in the archives relating to stuck stems/seat posts, and I chose the strategy that seemed to deliver the best results. First I turned the frame upside down and sprayed PB Blaster into the seat tube and left it alone for 3 days. Even in a vise, nothing. I went to Ace hardware and bought Janitorial strength ammonia (10% ammonium hydroxide) and poured some in. The seat post came out (seat post in vise, frame for torque) after a couple of days. The stem got the same basic treatment...the bolt came out easily, I drove the expander out with a drift, and cut the stem off ( Cinelli 1R, ouch) with about an inch left sticking out of the headset. I dropped the fork out and put the steerer end in a container of the ammonia. On the second day I drove the stuck stem out with a drift. I recently completed the build as it was originally sold.

My thanks to all the list members who took the time to post their own strategies. Another classic saved.

Pat Moffat Tempe Arizona USA Rode my new 1984 770 this morning ----- Original Message ----- From: r cielec<> To: Classic Rendezvous<> Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2009 5:22 AM Subject: [CR] Seized Post, Parts - Coca-cola and other fluids ?

Ahoy ! While I am searching the archives, I request your indulgence to simultaneously post this question to the list for the reason of urgency.

This is the steel-alloy seiziure condition. For reason of the metallurgical-chemical cause of the seziure, I vaguely recall that specific fluids were recommended. Was coca-cola one of the recommended fluids ? What are the recommended fluids ? The name Kroil comes to mind but, I am not sure if that was the medicine for rust or for this type of seizure also. Any suggestions were Kroil can be purchased ? Coca-cola I can probably find. (Oh, must one use Coca-cola of the pre-1983 formula ? hahaha.)

Thank you.


Richard Cielec Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

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