Re: [CR] Seized Post, Parts - Coca-cola and other fluids ?

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Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 11:55:46 -0700
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From: Mitchell Gass <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Seized Post, Parts - Coca-cola and other fluids ?

At 05:22 AM 5/31/2009, r cielec wrote:
>While I am searching the archives, I request your indulgence to
>simultaneously post this question to the list for the reason of urgency.
>This is the steel-alloy seizure condition. For reason of the
>metallurgical-chemical cause of the seizure, I vaguely recall that
>specific fluids were recommended. Was coca-cola one of the
>recommended fluids ? What are the recommended fluids ? The name
>Kroil comes to mind but, I am not sure if that was the medicine for
>rust or for this type of seizure also.

Sheldon Brown has some suggestions at


Ammonia is one that's mentioned there and in the list archive. It works by dissolving the aluminum oxide, but it sounds like it's not a quick process. If you have a well-ventilated area, it may be possible to use stronger ammonia solutions; one message mentioned a 10% janitorial-strength solution available at Ace Hardware; another mentioned that very strong solutions are available from blueprint supply houses.

The dry-ice idea sounds especially cool ;-)

Mitchell Gass
Berkeley CA USA