Re: [CR] Benotto to Mexico

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Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 22:31:41 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Benotto to Mexico

To further beat a dead horse, I just gave away a very nice late 80s Mexican made Benotto frame simply because the previous owner had installed a Shimano headset and had cut the steerer tube too short to install anything else. I had wanted to fit it out with Campy components, but there weren't enough threads to accomodate a Campy headset stack height. As far as the quality of the Mexican build, I think it was pretty darn good and you would be hard pressed to tell that it wasn't Italian made if it wasn't for the made in Mexico sticker. The only gripe I had with it besides the headset was the decaled headbadge. I would have preferred a metal headbadge or something a little more elaborate than just the name in block letters. The fishnet fade paint job was a little quirky, but that was coming in to vogue in the late 80s with other Italian makes. The angles were all Benotto and it was built with Columbus SLX tubing, threading was Italian, lugs were very nicely finished. Depending on the price, I would say that a Mexican built Benotto would be worth considering. Others may have a different opinion.
      Fred Durrette
      Summerville, SC