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Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 10:05:17 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Francophile rides a Masi

So Jerry, After reading your subject line, and the posts in this thread, I gotta ask, have you actually ridden the Masi yet?

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> Subject: [CR] Francophile rides a Masi
> OK, folks, I know many of you have me pegged as an
> irredeemable Francophile, or
> maybe occasional Anglophile, but attached is the link to
> the early 80's
> Alberto-built Masi Prestige I finally got built up after
> buying the frame from
> Lou Deeter a couple of years ago:
> As I like to do, just to show Campy wasn't the only
> component manufacturer in
> Italy, I've built it up almost entirely Italian but
> with almost no Campy.  A
> prize for anyone who can identify the one or two tiny Campy
> bits.  Mostly Galli
> - cranks, hubs, brakes, RD, shift levers, much of it gold
> anodized. But also
> some Gipiemme, Ofmega, Rino, Regina, Modolo (hoods),
> Ambrosio, Cinelli, Selle
> Turbo and Cobra.  Still looking for an appropriate gold
> colored HS.
> I've said I'd like to buy a Masi with really
> trashed paint and have it repainted
> as a Peugeot like those allegedly ridden by Merckx and
> Simpson when they were on
> the Peugeot team.  But this frame was much too nice for
> that fate.