[CR] Ideale/BIM Saddle Q&A with Belgian Friend/Source, Part 2

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Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 12:33:58 -0400
From: Jay Dubiel <zoomdog@pure.net>
To: classicrendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Ideale/BIM Saddle Q&A with Belgian Friend/Source, Part 2

Q&A session conducted by email 4-30-09 to 5-7-09 with a Friend in Belgium regarding the Ideale (T&B) connection with the BIM Saddle Brand.

Question: "K Do you have any idea of how many models of BIM saddles there were? Did they make Racing and Comfort styles? Thanks for your information to my research and questions. J"

Answer: "HI no, this was the only BIM I ever saw k" ( here he is referring to a BIM Model 4 that he had. Just like an IDEALE Model 6 )

IDEALE Inquiry...

Question: "K I am curious. What was the purpose of having removable rails on some of the Ideale saddles? Regards, J"

Answer: "hi, in my opnion, this is the reason : you can easily remove an old/used/damaged leather and replace it by a new one. you could buy the leathers were without the rails. I found a lot of leathers, without the rails, so I think this must be the reason. k" (NOTE: K is NOT the person currently selling Ideale leather covers from France on eBay)

Question: "K, Were the replacement Leathers marked differently so one would know they had been replaced? Thanks, J"

Answer: "replacement leather were NOT marked differently, you can NOT see they had been replaced K"

Question: "There is a seller in France selling Ideale Leathers, but some look like they have been removed from the frames (evidence of rivet marks, etc.). Were yours NOS, unmounted previously? J"

Answer: "yes, mine were NOS, there were a few 52 pro and a few 43"

Jay Dubiel
Halifax, VA USA