[CR] Locktite, Seat posts and general musings

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Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 09:24:20 -0700
From: "Bob Freitas" <freitas1@pacbell.net>
To: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Locktite, Seat posts and general musings

Members keep mentioning Locktite and I have a couple recommendations

* there is a purple product #222 which is for small fasteners (<6mm) that would make a light''lock'' for larger items like fixed cups, this is much easier to remove than the usual medium #242 (blue) product * Locktite has a number of products in stick or solid form and the one I really like is the Bearing mount #39150 (version of the bearing and sleeve 600 series) this is perfect for securing lose head cups (but is readily removable) I apply to the cup and then twist in place until it locks, I think this is much more satisfactory than shimming (or glue!)

Seat posts and seat post sizes come up frequently and bent seat post lug ears I think usually point to incorrect size seat posts being used. One of the best investments I have made is a reamer handle and assorted reamers (26.8,27.2 and 27.4) so after realigning the ears ,I reinstall the binder bolt but not tight) and ream to the proper size. This eliminates the nasty seat post scratches and gives great grip on the post. Only issue here is an almost total lack of vintage 27.4 seat posts (I have only seen Campagnolo and Shimano, did SR ever make one?)

Have a great Weekend All! BOB FREITAS sunny MILL VALLEY, CA USA

Funny how spell check suggests ''Humanoids'' for Shimano and ''Espagnol'' for Campagnolo