[CR] Another Lot Of Vintage Bicycling / Bike World Articles Posted Online

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From: "R.S. Broderick" <rsb000@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 23:55:05 -0500
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Subject: [CR] Another Lot Of Vintage Bicycling / Bike World Articles Posted Online

Over the course of the past few months, I have quietly completed digitizing and posting to WoolJersey yet more vintage cycling related materials culled from the likes of Bicycling and Bike World magazines. In particular, the following articles have been added to existing online resources and are now available for public perusal:

Maintenance / Repair / Miscellaneous Technical Information:

Don't Junk That Cluster (Bike World 1976-01)

Bearing With Ball Bearings (Bike World 1976-05)

Thoughts On Setting Up A Bike (Bicycling 1976-10)

Sealing Your Bike Components (Bicycling 1977-07)

At The Starting Line (Equipping Your Race Bike) - Part 1 - Wheels (Bike World 1977-10)

At The Starting Line (Equipping Your Race Bike) - Part 2 - Stems / Bars / Posts / Saddles (Bike World 1977-11)

At The Starting Line (Equipping Your Race Bike) - Part 3 - Cranksets (Bike World 1977-12)

At The Starting Line (Equipping Your Race Bike) - Part 4 - Freewheels & Cogs (Bike World 1978-01)

At The Starting Line (Equipping Your Race Bike) - Part 5 - Frames (Bike World 1978-03)

Gearing Made Simple (Bike World 1978-03)

Sorting Out Gear Options (Bike World 1978-03)

The Art Of Derailleur Selection (Bike World 1978-03)

Framebuilding Can Be An Expensive Experience (Bike World 1979-03)

Easy Steps In Building Your Own Custom Bike (Bike World 1979-03)

Sturmey Archer Hubs (Bike World 1979-11)

Road Tests / Reviews

Charlie Roberts (Bike World 1976-10)

Bickerton Special (Bike World 1976-12)

Tom Kellogg (Bike World 1977-01)

Mercier custom (Bike World 1978-03)

Trade Show / Expos

Paris Show Salon de Bicyclette (Bike World 1976-02)

Please note that in the process of adding these latest postings, I once again found it necessary to "rearrange" a precious few previously existing WoolJersey albums. As a result, anyone who saw fit to bookmark or otherwise establish a hyperlink to those corresponding entries may wish to confirm validity of same as there is a very small chance that these may have been impacted. I apologize for any inconvenience begot of my efforts and hope that everyone understands that I always to strive to minimize the occurrence of such reorganizations. In order to access this catalog of information, please use the following link:


After you have accessed the high level album using the link provided above, click on the "next" hyperlink located at either the top-right or bottom-right hand side of the page, and then click on any of the three appropriate sub-albums. Navigation from that point should be pretty much a straight forward "point and click" operation.

I would like to once again remind everyone that they are more than welcome to link to the articles and information posted to WoolJersey and/or even replicate same for personal use. HOWEVER, wanton plagiarism and/or republication of same without the express written permission of the copyright holder is not likely to be looked upon favorably by the fine folks at Rodale Press and may lead to a revocation of our current agreement for internet republication under the terms of the "fair use" doctrine and even quite possibly prompt legal action on their part. So, while all of this wonderful information may well "want to be free", so to speak, please use common sense and discretion with respect to this resource or otherwise needlessly risk its complete and total loss to the vintage cycling community as a whole.

And finally, I would like to again publicly solicit the vast collective resources of the CR List with respect to "filling in the gaps" for those precious last few copies of Bicycling and Bike World that I do not happen to have in my own physical library. Of those issues published between the years 1970 and 1990 inclusive, I am missing but a single edition of Bicycling and a mere two issues of Bike World as follows:

Bicycling - 1973 JAN

Bike World - 1972 APR

Bike World - 1972 OCT

Anyone who might be in a position to help with this endeavor to assemble a truly complete online library is encouraged to please contact me "OFF LIST" so that we can coordinate an efficient and effective way to further this process along (....and you can be assured that I will most certainly give proper accreditation to anyone who does provide their assistance).

Robert Broderick

..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota

Sioux Falls, USA