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Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 09:24:39 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] 1976 Masi Prestige

BTW, I believe the frame size Masi stamped on the BB was c-t-t or maybe even to the top of the seatlug. My Prestige is marked 56, but I think it is more like 54 or 54.5 c-t-c.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> >> The serial number is CD76.


\r?\n> Hi Dustin;


\r?\n> If you'll look closely, you'll see that

\r?\n> there are two different stamps on the

\r?\n> bottom bracket. The large stamp, "CD 52"

\r?\n> is the customer code and frame size.

\r?\n> Below and between, in a smaller size

\r?\n> stamp, is "766" which is the date of

\r?\n> production (June 1976). This combination

\r?\n> of stamps was typical of the period for

\r?\n> Italian Masis... unlike the US Masis,

\r?\n> they did not have serial numbers.



\r?\n> Bob Hovey

\r?\n> Columbus, GA USA




\r?\n> Original Message:


\r?\n> Howdy,


\r?\n> I am offering for sale a 52cm(c-t) 1976 Alberto Masi

\r?\n> Prestige in vgc. The bike

\r?\n> is equipped with SR/NR components and has a pantho stem and

\r?\n> seat post. The

\r?\n> serial number is CD76. All bearings run smooth.

\r?\n> This bike has hardly been ridden and is in great condition.

\r?\n> Just check the

\r?\n> pictures for that. There is some chain slap and a scratch

\r?\n> on the bottom of the

\r?\n> down tube, see the pics for that. The seat stay has two

\r?\n> tiny chips (ca. 1/16")

\r?\n> halfway down. Aside from that, nada.

\r?\n> The top tube measures 53cm c-c.

\r?\n> The stem is 90mm, the bars 40cm. Seat post measures 27.7.

\r?\n> The freewheel is an Everest, the saddle a Concor

\r?\n> Supercorsa. Rims are from Nisi.

\r?\n> It comes with a Silca Impero Masi branded pump with Campy

\r?\n> head.


\r?\n> Check out pictures under:




\r?\n> Asking price is $2500 shipped anywhere.


\r?\n> Please ask any questions.


\r?\n> mfg,

\r?\n> dustin

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