[CR] WTB: Gitane c.1970 Professionnal Tour de France Service Course, 49cm and TA Specialities front rack

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Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 12:57:12 -0400
From: <rotharpunc@aol.com>
Subject: [CR] WTB: Gitane c.1970 Professionnal Tour de France Service Course, 49cm and TA Specialities front rack

ISO a couple of things. A TA Specialities front rack, the style that mounts to the pivot bolts on centerpull brakes. I see NOS examples on ebay, but I don't need anything that nice or pricey for something that will be used daily.

The second thing: One bike was recently sold here, and while I was the first to respond? about it, poor wording on my part did not make it clear that I wanted to buy it, and alas, it was sold to someone else before I was able to make my desire to buy clear. I have been looking for basically this exact bike in this size and color(and price range) for at least a couple of years, and have had no luck finding one that will fit me(49x52). Does anyone out there have another?

D. Francis MacAttester Waukesha, WI USA

For Sale: Gitane Professionnal Tour De? France - Service Course, 49cm? seat tube and 52cm top tube, both? taken center to center, dark green, made? with Reynolds 531? tubing.? Takes 700c wheels.? This is the version? with Simplex? gears and unmarked but perhaps Simplex forged dropouts.? An?? unnamed CR member, Gitane fan, and information documentation?? specialist, noted that this bike could be from the very late 1960s or very? early? 1970s (early in the Gitane TdF era), because of some features? that I have now? forgotten the specificity of!? One I remember? is the brake calipers with? the older Dural Forge markings??? Ask me to ask him again, if you want to? know what those features? are!? I did note however, a stamp on the? inboard side of the? Simplex rear derailleur pulley cage: S 72.?? Does this mean? 1972?

The bike came to me with Campy wheels and cranks that were? obviously not? correct, so they have been plundered ... hence, NO? cranks or wheels? included.?

Frameset does include:? Stronglight French threaded headset and bottom? bracket (118.5mm? spindle), Mafac Dural Forge center pull brakes and levers ?with?

white half-hoods,? Nitor 26.2mm seatpost with red glider pieces? in the? clamp assembly, Pivo faux lugged aluminum 90mm stem with? unmarked but? likely Pivo aluminum 37mm bars (o-o), Simplex? derailleurs, shifters and? clamp-on guides, Huret top tube brake? cable clips, and an unmarked? but Simplex looking binder bolt.?? I suspect the cables, casings and? bar wrap are all original, and in? restorable condition.

The decals on this bike are in outstanding? condition, compared to what you ? might expect of a bike that saw? little use, but some exposure.? There is? rust on some of the? more poorly chromed Simplex bits, while some other chromed? bits? still look excellent.? The jockey wheels on the rear changer are? shot? ... broken from age or exposure, I think.? The paint has a? few marks, but it isn't horrible, and I'd image that the solid color? scheme would make a? touch-up less complicated.? I've wiped it? down, but not cleaned it with? water or any cleaner, in any? way.? I expect deep cleaning will? make it look even better than? its already impressive condition.? No? pictures yet, but will? gladly take some quick shots if asked (even if you are? not looking to? buy the bike).? Again, let me note ... there is rust visible? on? the Simplex fixtures.

Asking $150, plus actual FedEx delivery,? which should likely fall somewhere between $25 and $45 for different? destinations in the continental US.?? International or overseas? shipping will also be, the exact USPS cost? only.

I can find a set? of Campagnolo Gran Sport wheels that need servicing, to? throw in for? an additional $50, should the buyer be interested.? Thanks for?? reading...

Mark Agree
Southfield MI? USA