Re: [CR] End of an Era re: MERCKX (KOF) Steel bikes

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Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 17:09:03 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] End of an Era re: MERCKX (KOF) Steel bikes

Ok my first post.........

So Hi all.......

Youre right there must be a market for steel frames..........

Gorilla Cycles ......based in switzerland ........I a lovely 'Tommasini' Gorilla........classically detailed.....etc

Maybe thats the way it will go......little firms making a profit so the bigger firms bring them back.........

But colnago still do their classic steel frame in the classic paint colours even.......

Its a 'style thing'......'chunky' was in for a while ....chunky trainers....chunky Hifi's etc.....and that co-coincided with alloy frames coming of age.

The rest of the world just hasn't cottoned on to the fact that chunkier alloy or carbon frames just dont look as nice as the super slender steel frame.......

But popular 'design' does that ..aesthetic sensibilities change.....1920's slim, 1930's heavier (see car design) 1950's curvy very in, 1960's 'slim' is back in. (see women.......Marilyn and twiggy

At the moment (in England at least) 'retro' of almost all periods is in!.........bizarrely

Currently in the Uk 'steel framed fixed wheel bikes are the must have accessory...........personally I quite like having a few gears ...but hey.



Cheung, Doland wrote:
> I thought I read earlier this year that Mr. Merckx sold the business to retire. My guess is that he was one of the last believers in quality steel race bikes. Not surprising, but it's still a shame. Ernesto dropped the Masterlight and quickly brought it back, so there must be some sort of market there, outside of this list.
> Doland Cheung
> LA, CA
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> Subject: [CR] End of an Era re: MERCKX (KOF) Steel bikes
> This was posted in a forum from a guy that just visited Merckx in Belgium:
> "I saw Mr. Merckx in the back office. He walked by me. I greeted him and he
> extended his arm and we shook hands. I asked him if there was a list to look
> at and possibly purchase framesets. He said to his knowledge there was and
> he would send a colleague out momentarily to assist me. Based on Eddy's
> response, I was pretty excited at this point to talk to his assistant.
> Shortly thereafter, Eddy's colleague came out from the factory back door.
> This was the same guy who took care of me with the TSX Corsa Extra and MXL
> Moltenis. I asked if I could see the steel list. He said the list was gone.
> Additionally, he said there were no more steel frames in any sizes and
> models whatsoever in the factory....."
> Angel Garcia
> Long Valley, NJ