Re: [CR] Bianchi dating?

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Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 19:14:52 -0400
From: Marcus Coles <>
To: Emilio Bozzi <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Bianchi dating?

Emilio Bozzi wrote:
> Marcus-
> The decal you refer to was present as you state on the 80, 81 reparto
> course bikes imported into the US and most likely Japan and Canada. I
> have never seen them on European bikes, but then again, I am speaking
> from a limited exposure. Bob F. could most likely tell you more. I have a Model E. 1. 51 Pista from January 1981 with the gold sticker, I have always figured it was a regular production item rather than a reparto course issue. It is celeste with blue decals, Gippemme ends and components and 26.8mm seat post. I think the same model became the Eco Pista the following year.
> As far as Bianchi licensing their name out, I can only imagine that is
> rather unlikely. I believe this to be true, IIRC I brought it up on this list a few years ago after noticing a Bianchi and Miele frame I had were identical except for the names. I then heard it from people who worked for or dealt with Jim Miele. The Canadian market was at one time flooded with Bianchi labelled bikes that never appeared in literature elsewhere. The ones I have seen were Suntour, Sakae, Dia-Compe equipped with a various Asian sourced tube, the only Italian pieces being San Marco saddles and Ambrosio rims. No pantograph work, just decals for identification. I have heard rumors of Columbus tubed, Campy equipped models, but have never laid eyes on one. I have a couple of the road bikes in my catacombs and a mixte I'm currently setting up as a city bike for my significant annoyance.

I'm not getting confused with the later out of time-line Bianchi Japanese made products, there is one of those kicking around here too.
> I ran into a guy who once stated that Bertoni made bikes for Bianchi
> as well, but feel that perhaps was not accurate.
> Around 1984 Bianchi did however make bikes for Legnano and Puch in the
> reparto course that were very very nice and go for very cheap prices
> because folks do not know what they have.
> Fondriest rode a bianchi made Legnano in 1984 and it was a copy of the
> Specialisimma X-3 in legnano green...pretty darn cool.
> see attached pic for what the frame alone looked like.
> That's a good looking frame. :-) It seems to get more and more confusing with who made what and for whom.

I guess it really isn't that much different than what carries on today with the Chinese plastic bikes. Delete that, of course it's not the same.

Marcus Coles
London, Ontario, Canada