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From: "cmontgomery" <>
To: Robert Clair <>, <>
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Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 19:25:59 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR] When Two Worlds Collide ...

> ... i try an avoid local yard sales ... but on the way back from whatever
> ... i saw an interesting somewhat large old yellow bicycle. turned out it
> was a schwinn varsity, that needed a decent burial. but next to it was ...
> ... an also well used "madman" muntz stereo-pak. that's right ! a 4
> track continuous cartridge stereo player. with a couple of old tapes. i
> had an eight track once, but this was something of a religous experience.
> ... anyone had one of these with a pre-alpina rack on the roof :)
> robert clair
> alexandria, va 22308
> usa

Me me me me me AND I had it on a 1960 Hillman woodie station wagon with a 1 barreled flat head 4 cylinder that Skip Cordell and I rebuilt together. That thing was gutless but I was the ultimate in California Cool: one weekend the surfboard was on top, the next weekend it was my all chrome Stella converted into a fixed gear 'cause that was all I could afford. Got it from Bud's in Covina. The 4 track didn't last too long because 8 tracks came in real fast after that. Got my 8 track tapes custom made with heavy reverb. What I wouldn't give to get that Hillman and the Stella back. The surfboard wouldn't do me much good in Tucson.

Craig "bushy bushy blonde hairdo, how come it's turning grey?
              and now I'm the damned teeecheerr, and ain't surfin' U.S.A." Montgomery in Tucson, AZ