[CR] Should of stayed in bed

Example: Racing:Beryl Burton

Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 05:19:37 -0700
From: Mike Larsen <mnbikeresto@yahoo.com>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Should of stayed in bed

Upon going out for my nice ride on a cool Saturday afternoon, two blocks from the house I stopped to adjust my FD. With closer inspection I discovered my crankset was loose. Went home started working on bike and found I needed to change crank shaft, gear set, and crank arms. Freewheel was bad too in high gear. Before finishing I went to the local bike shop for a narrow chain, the guys gave me the business as usaul and back home I went. When everything was finished the bike was even better yet and the test ride was looked foward too. Went on a short ride and swung buy a friends house and he was not home so onward to the goodwill to check for a stray bike or two. No bikes at the goodwill so I decided to go down a short steeeeeep hill between parking lots. Hill was no longer then 2 1/2 feet. But very steep (now it seems like ninety degrees) at the bottom I did not want to bend the front rim so yes I hit the front brake. Since I am built like a bowling pin you know what happened. Heels over head I hit hard my head and arms. My head ground into the pavement and slowed my arms down. My backpack hit me in the back of the head and the bike bounced off me and twisted and slammed into the ground. At 54 and nicely dressed in my Bengal striped Zubas this must have been quite the sight. Got up and picked up the carnage, started riding home without looking at the bike. I was getting out of there, old habits. Ego was most of the damage but my bar stem and bars were bent at a very strange angle. Rest of bike was OK. Got home and started in then went to bike shop for more bar tape and they really got a laugh out of me this time. Things are better now, lost a good bar stem though and had a nice spare set of bars.

Dave Porter; yes I did have my helmut on thanks for making a good blanket statement.

Mike Larsen
St. Paul, MN