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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 20:20:42 +0200
From: kim klakow <>
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I really cannot agree with you two. I have seen this bike, and I agree, that the pictures do not do it justice. The lugs are nicely filed and the paint is superbe. 531 is also beyond discussion. I would surmise that a bike of that size is a custom job, which would explain the componentry (you do not have to look far for the 68sthread!). As to that, I see nothing wrong with the choice of parts. The 3-vis are very nice cranks. Now, if somebody doen't like blue I could probably talk all day, but judging a bike by it's foil headbadge seems to me a bit far-fetched. Especially as the other Pog decals were also foil.

Kim "If my legs were 10" shorter I would buy that Pog" Klakow

> Hard to tell much- at least for me- due to the teensy photos. I can
> barely see the head graphic or much else in any sort of detail. The
> 3-vis crankset, 3ttt seatpost and Universal brakes do peg this as a
> somewhat downmarket bike, hardly fair comparing it to another maker's
> top of the line.
> Kurt Sperry
> Bellingham, Washington
> 2009/5/16 Charles Andrews <>:
> > It's a commonplace that italian manufacturers were cranking out frames
> as fast as they could by the mid-1970s..but, I must say, this pogliaghi is
> rough, even for the time and maker..Pogliaghi of course, famous for
> nicknames like "pugugly" and you can find examples to justify that name.  This one
> too..notice the head badge..a foil graphic that appears to have been cut
> with a pair of scissors..badly.
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> > they must have been slapping them up and shipping them out as fast as
> they could...whatever else one might say about masi, it does seem the case
> that other than a year or so in the early 70s when there seem to have been a
> few subbed GCs that are less than pretty, every other Masi I have ever seen
> shows real care in the workmanship, from measuring to brazing to filing to
> finishing.
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> > Charles Andrews
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