Re: [CR] Definition of a sprocket.

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From: "Mitch Harris" <>
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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 14:53:28 -0600
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Subject: Re: [CR] Definition of a sprocket.

Isn't "sprocket" the correct name for the thing we commonly call a cog, where "cog" correctly refers to a tooth on a sprocket or gear? That was my understanding, although "cog" and "sprocket" are now used interchangeably.

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On May 17, 2009, at 2:26 PM, Mark Fulton <> wrote:
> When I was racing motorcycles, all we had were sprockets. Front and
> rear sprockets. Unlike on-topic bicycles, the motorcycle drive
> sprockets were the little ones.They looked a lot like cogs.
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