[CR] Advice on French hubs for vintage touring bike

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From: Mark Petry <mark@petry.org>
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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 18:02:58 -0700
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Subject: [CR] Advice on French hubs for vintage touring bike

Just my personal opinion - I had a set of NEW Maxi-Car hubs and while they are cool. I was very disappointed with them. They were not in any way "smooth". The rear felt like a cheap hub - grindy - and despite advice from those in the know, and quite a bit of messing around with the bearing preload and axle endfloat adjustment - I was never able to get them adjusted any any better.

So I sold them.

Phil Woods are excellent, reliable, and period correct. The Phil axle will not bow or deflect as it's clamped with the quick release, and the thick flanges support the spoke bend really well. Others may have different experience, but I have never had a problem with Phil hubs or bottom bracket, and that's nearly 40 years and many many 1000s of miles of cycling. I have one pair that 20 years old, never been touched, and still smooth as buttah.

Others may have a different view, but Phil hubs and BB get my vote. And, more than one set was sent to Alex Singer in Paris for assembly on bikes destined for European customers. There's also the story of a visitor to Via Edgido Folli 45 who found that Cino Cinelli's personal bike was "Phil equipped".

Mark Petry

Bainbridge Island, WA