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The 'sprocket' is the projection or tooth on the wheel. A 'cog' is a wheel with a series of projections, or sprockets. BUT a 'cog' can also refer to the individual projections on the wheel, and, and a 'sprocket wheel' can refer to a wheel with teeth. So effectively, they are interchangeable.


Aaron Lipstadt Hollywood, CA USA

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At 01:19 PM 17/05/2009 -0700, Ted E. Baer wrote:
>Does anyone use the word sprocket anymore?
>Sounds pretty elementary, but if a cog on a freewheel or a cog that helps make up a cassette is not referred to as a sprocket then what is/was a sprocket??
>Chainrings (or chainwheels) seem too big to be referred to as sprockets.? Whenever I am in the presence of someone who is absolutely clueless about bicycles is when I am most likely to hear the word "sprocket" in conversation.
>What is a sprocket to you?

A sprocket is a sprocket. That's a round thing with teeth around it to engage a chain. It does not even have to have anything to do with bicycles. In bicycle parlance, the "sprocket" on the front is called a chainwheel. Some people call the one(s) on the back a cog or cogs, but in my mind a cog is acually a tooth on a sprocket (or gear). Maybe calling a sprocket a cog is typically North American. Anyone from Over 'Ome have any input on that? It's been over 50 years since I left.

John Betmanis
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