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I strongly suspect that Sodium Hydroxide is Sodium Hydroxide...that's the active ingredient, whatever brand is on the label. It's potentially nasty, but what do you expect, given what you're asking it to do?

Yes, the Easy-Off is gooey -- it has a thickening agent that helps it cling to surfaces (like...ovens). This can be really good if you've got a bike part that's too large to submerge, or one that has a steel bit pressed in somewhere that can't deal with the liquid-based process.

I've stripped anodizing with Easy-Off and I've used the Eastwood (or maybe Caswell) stuff. I've never been patient enough to experience the discoloration problem, but I suspect it's actually an issue with the particular alloy. If there's much copper or magnesium in the aluminum alloy, it'll make the surface blackened and ugly (look up how to "de-smut" the parts to fix this issue without too much elbow grease (it's a quick acid bath (again, potentially nasty stuff))). Does anyone have a different explanation (other than smut) for this blackening issue that some report?

Yes, be careful, but don't panic...these are chemicals that require respect, but don't warrant fear. It's not a chemical reaction that's going to run away from you. It doesn't produce lots of hydrogen gas, so you shouldn't blow up your kitchen or garage.

You know yourself. If you're up to doing this, you know it. If your memories of working with chemicals are littered with images of flames, eyewash stations, and men in yellow suits, then maybe this isn't the kind of project you should attempt.

Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA USA

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I had intended to stay out of this one because it has been so thoroughly covered a few years ago and I'm sure the archives are rich with info. However, once again I see some members advocating and being advised to use Easy Off Oven Cleaner to remove anodizing. This stuff is nasty beyond belief and dangerous both to you and to your treasured parts. What's more, you want the Original even nastier version, not the newer somewhat more gentle kind. Leave it on too long and you have ruined parts (unless you are up for some really serious buffing!), a gooey mess and the real possibllity of doing harm to yourself.don't touch or breath in this execrable stuff!

There is a company (Jestco) that specializes in Airstream buffing materials to restore vintage Airstream travel trailers that makes a wonderful remover for anodizing. They call it # 797. You just put a couple of table spoons in a plastic container, add water and your parts and watch the anodizing go away. They advise using gloves and goggles and that would be a good idea for sure, but I have handled the stuff with bare hands and not even gotten an irritation.

Here is the URL for their website: &productId=20 The stuff is only $12 for a 16 ounce bottle of the crystals and I've been using it for years and am not a quarter of the way down the bottle.

I should like to add a comment about the usage of such words as Schadenfreud on our list. I love it! I really did learn something new from Prof. Eddie! I had to go look it up. Of course, for my own self, I strongly prefer to eschew obfuscation.

You're a great audience, thanks and goodnight!

Tom Sanders

Lansing, MI USA