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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 11:36:34 -0700
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Subject: [CR] Cyclos Montagnards

I appreciate the "Men of Steel" attempts to resurrect racing on steel bikes. We have taken a different route, trying to resurrect the classic way of riding, rather than focus the bikes.

The Cyclos Montagnards are inspired by classic riders everywhere who tested their limits and saw what they could achieve on a bicycle. We seek out backroads like the ones immortalized in the drawings of Frank Patterson, and alpine passes like those of the Tours of old.

Our first challenge was completed last week: linking Seattle with Windy Ridge on Mount St. Helens and Sunrise on Mt. Rainier, and back, in less than 24 hours. One rider was on a classic 1973 bike, the second on a modern KOF machine, while the third was on an off-topic carbon bike. The carbon rider already is talking about getting a bike more suited to our style of riding. Hence, I am confident that as riders rediscover classic ways of riding, they also will rediscover classic bikes.

I hope this movement will grow. I would love to see classic stage races that recreate the feel of the Giro d'Italia of old, with unsurfaced roads and long stages. L'Eroica is great, but why not do something like that in North America?

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Jan Heine, Seattle, WA for the Cyclos Montagnards