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Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 17:46:53 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Scans of Louison Bobet Cyclo-Pedia pages

Based on these scans it seems my "Bobet" is likely a C34. Not only does the frame description match, but it came to me with the "Dural Forge" Mafac racers, the Pivo stem, and the cottered hollow spindle Stronglight competition bottom bracket. Though the foil of the headbadge is intact the only information it offers is the stamped serial #, whatever it had for an image is long gone....................

Now the questions start????????

As near as I can tell the shape of the headbadges is the same on Bobet and Mercier. Is there a differance to subtle to be seen in the photos/ scans? Were they printed out on the same stock?

Where do I go looking for decals? Headbadge with printing on it?

Thanks Harvey,

Gene Powell Rad Finishes Portland, Oregon USA

On Jul 3, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Harvey Sachs wrote:
> I've scanned the six pages of the 7th (1966) edition of Cyclo-Pedia
> dealing with these imports, which seem to have been rebadged
> Merciers. The scans are big, about 1 MB/double page, and strictly
> black & white. But, if you need them, or want to post them, I can
> pass them along. Or just the one on the C-34 Amateur and C-35 Pro
> road bikes. Gee, Dale, want them for the French section of
> For those who don't remember Cyclo-Pedia, it was one of the few
> sources of imported parts Back Then. The proprietor, Gene Portuesi,
> was active in the Olympic cycling movement as coach, etc. Originally
> in Detroit, later more-or-less retired to Cadillac, MI. I was in
> Houston in the early 60s, and it was the only place I knew of to get
> sew-ups and other goodies. Heck, Houston didn't even have a Raleigh
> dealer back then, and Raleigh turned down my offer to sell the
> better bikes out of my dorm room. Good thing, too.


> harvey sachs

> mcLean va