Re: [CR] Nail on Cleats: Method to the Madness

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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 09:05:32 -0600
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Subject: Re: [CR] Nail on Cleats: Method to the Madness

One way is to do a couple rides without the cleats and the resultant imprint of the pedal on the shoe sole will get you darn close, assuming you know how to best exploit your anatomical ideals. daveP

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I have a pair of Vittoria shoes to which I need to attach nail on cleats (Tacx brand). Does anyone have a method to determine optimum placement of the cleats on the shoe? I am riding with Campy NR and SR pedals with Ale, Christophe, and Campy clips. I was going to convert to the modern shoe/pedal combination but gave up trying to find a size 51 narrow shoe :o)

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