Re: [CR] "Catch The Wind" - a new Detroit / Wolverine / Mike Walden documentary

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Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 10:33:30 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] "Catch The Wind" - a new Detroit / Wolverine / Mike Walden documentary

Regards to all, If today you have not already received an email from me similar to this one, then you are NOT on my list of those who expressed interest in obtaining a copy of the Catch The Wind DVD. Initially, there was a wait for availability, and then another wait for me to get it together ... very sorry for the long delay. Anyway, I'll be able to buy copies this weekend at our Americane' Vintage Bike event centered around our Bloomer Park Velodrome in Rochester Hills, so if you would still like one or more copies, please let me know by Saturday night.

The cost of the DVD is $10, and shipping will be $3.50 to cover First Class postage and packing materials, and Paypal fees. Thus, $13.50 should be sent to my Paypal recipient address: _fujifish1@aol.com_ ( , (be sure to include a shipping address with the payment, please) and I would be grateful for speedy payments, as spare pocket loot is mighty sparse around here lately!!!.


Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

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On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 8:48 PM, <_FujiFish1@aol.com_ ( > wrote:
> Tonight I was privileged enough to view the world premier of the new
> documentary by Richard Noiret, titled "Catch The Wind". Mr. Noiret was

a D
> etroiter
> who moved away, eventually returned to the Detroit area, and subsequentl y
> spent two years in the making of this beautiful tribute to the legacy of th
> e
> late Coach Mike Walden and the Wolverine Sports Club. He did a wonderfu l j
> ob of
> it, and the production was fantastically full of CR relevant content. T her
> e
> was perhaps ten percent coverage of the speed skating side of the WSC, b ut
> almost all the rest was pure vintage bike and bike people, up until the end
> that covered the modern velodrome at Bloomer Park and it's new champions be
> ing
> produced. I cannot even begin to name all the great people that were p a rt
> of the WSC success story over the years, but I can tell you that I saw a LO
> T
> of old Cinellis and Paramounts in the pics, and clearly one old Colnago hea
> d
> shot. Plenty of pics, footage, and heart felt stories.
> List member Gene Diggs, was also present tonight, and was one of the
> interviewees shown. Gene spoke his pieces with great aplomb! There wil l b
> e a
> second showing at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, MI, next Sunday Nov . 2
> nd, and
> I believe more will be scheduled later on. I'll look into acquiring DVD 's,
> and making them available to CR list members, at cost. One copy will H A VE
> to make it into my own DVD library! WOW ... what a great thing this is for
> the vintage minded to view!
> Ciao,
> Mark Agree
> Southfield MI USA

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