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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 14:28:07 -0400
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Hi All, I have been reading this thread and it is clear that there are many points of view on the subject of whether to re-finish a frame or keep it all original. In the end, as many have already said, it comes down to the owner's wants, needs and preferences and only he/she can decide what to do.

One trend that is becoming common is the breaking apart of bikes to sell the pieces individually on Ebay. Of course, there is a very good financial reason for doing this and, from this perspective, it is understandable. But, even though I am not a purist, I still think that it is a shame to see a bike lose its original accessories. Each of these parts is a snap shot of what was available when the bike was new and are irreplaceable, from this standpoint.

This is also becoming popular in the classic car realm, much to the dismay of restorers. Thankfully, many vendors seem to sell the individual pieces at the same time as the frame, so I guess that if you want the original parts badly enough, you would be prepared to pay more and win each auction.

Getting back to the topic under discussion. I take the liberal approach and, in my world, even hanging bicycles on the wall as trophies is understandable and not the darkest sin within the world of bike enthusiasts. I know that if I was unable to ride a bike anymore, I'd like to keep it around just for its sentimental value.

Anyway, this is a great thread....

Peter Rogers

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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>I have found that most of the builders in the UK in the late?40 50s
>etc,INCLUDING?big companys?like Claud Butler gave you the choice of what
>ever colour you wanted, some with an extra cost, also choice of
>transfers(decals) lug and box lining,etc ?I had Claud do my 1949?frame in
>the Midland C&AC club colours, light and dark blue.Mercian in Derby(DARBY)
>builds everything to order, per my 2005 Mercian, So if refinishing a frame,
>have it done the way?that turns you on.Dont worry about what it was ITS
>YOUR BUCKS!,?Cheers John Crump OldturnedoffBrit. Parker. Co USA?