Re: [CR] 83 Nishiki passed on to the 'next generation' !

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Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 22:00:12 -0400
From: Noah John Gellner <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] 83 Nishiki passed on to the 'next generation' !

My aunt has one like that in her garage. Heck, it might even have the Western Cycle decal on it. My first road bike was a Nishiki International in metallic blue. Too big, but I sure enjoyed riding that bike.

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Rich Pinder <> wrote:
> I posted a bit ago about wanting to buy a rack for an 80's tourer (thx
> Roger for your help !) - well it was for this 83 Nishiki Continental thrift
> store find, that turned into the perfect introduction for my 15 year old
> nephew Tommy into the world of Road Bikes. The Continentals were a Canadian
> version of the Nishikis, which had on the chain stay 'Designed by Norco'
> (Norco I think was actually a canadian importer). The virtually unused
> bike had a drilled Sugino triple, Tange 2 double butted tubes, canti brakes,
> and the Mountech rear derailleur. It also has that top mounted shifter
> thing, which 'bumped' the front der a bit when you adjusted the
> stop the rubbing issue.
> Tommy had never been on a road bike till today - though he has ridden a bmx
> bike and more recently a very heavy 'downhill' beast he uses to blast down
> some local trails in San Diego where he lives. So he was a bit nervous
> about our 'big' ride of 30 miles...from Dana Point to Oceanside, CA. He's
> in good shape, and has about ZERO body fat, and I knew he'd do well, but he
> was hesitant never the less (but remained cool... not letting on too much
> about it !). Well, he took to it like a pro.... shifting - nailed; spinning
> - nailed; balance and riding in good position over the road - NAILED.
> There are some rollers on the route, and even a few more decent climbs going
> thru Camp Pendleton marine base. Doggone it... on every climb, the little
> nipper left it in the middle ring, came up out of the saddle (where'd he get
> THAT), and just pulled away nicely from his 'more experienced' uncle
> Rich.... Ah .. YOUTH !!
> I told my nephew that if anyone asks, just tell em "Steel is Real". He
> gave me a curious glance on that one ! But I think he's sold. And just
> like how it happened to me way back in the late 60's or so on my first
> Nishiki.... I kind of think he had an experience he'll never forget !
> (I told him to get the maps out and plan a tour !)
> Pics of the bike, and Tommy are up at:
> Take care,
> Rich Pinder
> Van Nuys, CA