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Subject: [CR] Interesting window display

I was walking in New York City today and went by a retail window display. It had a bunch of bikes in it. One caught my eye. It was a French tandem made of Reynolds 531. It had early simplex derailleurs, the rear was attached to the chain stay not the dropout, front and rear with the correct shifters, 4 speed freewheel, 650 sew-up wheels, a generator, Cantilever brakes with a spring on top, steel cotter cranks of the stronglight type, I could not make out the pedals, steel front handle bar aluminum rear bar, one ideal saddle, those nice french brake levers, a french headlight, fenders, a rear rack and a strange gadget that was driven by the front wheel I could not make it out. It was either a funny bell or a speedometer assembly.

It was in nice as found in the shed condition. Tires rotted, not too rusty and missing only the front saddle.

The badge said Terrot. I am going by Monday to make an offer.

Is anyone familiar?

Stewart Ferrell

Brooklyn NYC