Re: [CR] Campagnolo Rally 1st Gen RD on eBay (with auction number)

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Tom, Tony, et al,

Good point Tony.

Another possibility is the state of the economy. I know a number of eBayers that have stopped selling for now because they haven't been getting enough bids or money for their items.

Japan is in worse economic condition that the US. There are a number of Japanese buyers that haven't been active for a while. Look under Ideale saddles and old Simplex derailleurs and you'ill see what I mean.

It's a buyers market more or less. There are still some items that sell for exorbitant amounts but there are a lot of goods going on the block because the sellers are trying to scrape up some fast cash.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

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Whoops! Forgot the auction #?260441763474

Can anyone speculate on why this derailleur went for about half what others have? It is a 1st gen (without the reinforcing web under the A and G). Was it the lack of description and/or additional photos? Or was it that the 1st gen (without the reinforcement) is considered less valuable? I am puzzled. Thank you. Tom Donahue Melbourne, FL USA